A highly restless weirdo that decided to move to Hong Kong to try the "college experience" and realised that she is unable to dress appropriately for summer weathers.


In real life, I go by my human name Nadya but I’ve been web surfing enough to be known by another name.

Recently graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School, majoring in Advertising design and looking to find more stuff to put my restless mind to (& also get rich).

My constant fascination with anatomical hearts and flowers has been something of a calling card amongst friends.

what i can do

As an advertiser, I do a lot of print work and enjoy doing typography and publications. Sometimes, I like to believe that I am good at copywriting, but my love for memes and dad jokes get in my way. I also enjoy guerrilla advertising and developing such strategies. Because why not? 

As a photographer, I have done fashion art direction, commercial and corporate photography. Personally, I also enjoy street photography.

location + contact

Currently in Hong Kong to find a job and recently finished school and left my summer hustle in Paris.

Want to get a cup of tea or just chat with me on anything? Hit me up and we can talk more about it!

Get in touch with me using my contact form or any of my social platforms to hit me up with that collaboration!

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