High Society

copywriting/high society for vice

Copywriting: David Abbott for Viceland

There are many names in the Copywriting Hall of Fame and many are familiar with David Abbott's name.

High Society by Viceland is a web documentary series that talks about the marijuana culture that has gain popularity over the recent years.

The task for this copywriting exercise was to analyse the writing style of David Abbott and reimagine it into modern products and advertisement.

The chosen format for this exercise is a digital poster that can be used for the website and Vice Media’s social media to gain awareness of the documentary series.

As information of “high” culture is not something easily accessible, the posters were written in a way to titillate the curiousity of viewers to learn and understand more about this culture.

The inspiration for these posters were the works David Abbott did for The Economist.

This is the first poster in the series.

The logic behind this poster is to show that regular smokers have learned to control their muscles to such a dexterity that can be comparable to surgeons. 

Inspiration: Alice going through Wonderland.

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