copywriting/books for kinokuniya

copywriting: Richard Foster for Kinokuniya

After analysing Richard Foster's copywriting style, I have learned that he likes to downplay the subject matter and tries to convey his message subtly. To help the reader to understand his messages, he uses other elements such as visual to communicate effectively. 

In the past few copywriting exercises, copy is given centre stage to create and communicate the message. However, to be an effective visual communication, other elements such as photographs or illustration can help the reader understand the message much efficiently.

This series of poster is created to allow the general public to get back into the habit of reading books. Using Kinokuniya as a platform, the format of this advertisements are printed advertisements to create desire for them to enter the shop.

Inspiration: Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland

Inspiration: City architecture

Inspiration: Harry Potter Series

Using Format